Abyss Lake Entrance Quest

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Abyss Lake Entrance Quest
Base Level: Level 90
Item(s) (Consumed): 1036.png 35 Dragon Scales
Base Experience: 1 368 540
Item(s): 23607.png 1 Infinity Drink
Quest Reward(s): The Study of Dragons
  1. Talk to the Angry Man at hugel12670 and he will tell you about an absurd story he heard.
    Angry Man.jpg
  2. Go inside the pub to hear more about the story from Ambrosehu_in01362175. The player will be asked to retrieve 1036.png 5 Dragon Scales.
  3. Speak to Ambrose once you have collected the items. They will ask the player to investigate where Black Glove lives to join their party. The player will be rewarded with 684 270 base experience.
  4. Find the Drunk on the first floor of the tavern. He will tell you where to find Black Glove
  5. Go to the house behind the Tool Shop and interact with the Sign outside. Black Glove will appear and will accompany you to your adventure.
    Black Glove.jpg
  6. Speak with Black Glove and she will send her son Harry in her stead to join the adventure. Collect 1036.png 30 Dragon Scales and go to the Stone Pillar hu_fild05165308.
  7. Interact with the Strange Stone once you have collected the items.
    Gain passage by selecting the following options
    Secrets are the language between us
    Dragons, show me the abyss
    Strange Stone.jpg
  8. A Polite Person will bring you inside the Underground of Abyss Lake. Speak with the Polite Person to have a conversation with the ancient dragons. After the conversation the player will be sent back near the Strange Stone. The player will now have free access to the entrance of Abyss Lake by interacting with the Strange Stone.
    Polite Person.jpg
  9. Speak with Ambrose who is now looking disoriented on the ground and return back to the tavern at Hugel.
  10. Meet Ambrose on the second floor of the tavern and speak with them again to complete the quest. The player will receive another 684 270 base experience and 23607.png 1 Infinity Drink.