Blitz Beat

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Blitz Beat.png Blitz Beat
Blitz Beat Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5, selectable
SP Cost: 7 + (Skill Level × 3)
Fixed Cast Time: 0.3 seconds
Variable Cast Time: 1.2 seconds
Cast Delay: 1 second
Target: Enemy
Range: (5 + Vulture's Eye) cells
Area of Effect: 3x3
Property: Neutral
Add-on: Falcon
(Hunter) Falconry Mastery Lv. 1

Blitz Beat (Alt: Blitz Beat) is a 2nd class offensive skill available as Hunter.


Commands the Falcon to dive at a single target and strike repeatedly to inflict piercing ranged damage to all enemies in a 3x3 area around the target. This skill ignores the accuracy check and can be autocast when physically attacking with a bow, in which case no SP is consumed. Damage is affected by AGI and DEX.

Level Hits Inflicted SP Cost
1 1 10
2 2 13
3 3 16
4 4 19
5 5 22
Damage = [ (DEX / 10) + (AGI / 2) + (Steel Crow level x 3) + 40 ] * 2

A simplified version of the above formula:

Steel Crow Bonus = (Steel Level x 6)
Damage = (((DEX/10) + (AGI/2)) x 2) + Steel Crow Bonus + 80


  • Despite the animation, all damage is connected in one single bundle.
  • Damage is unaffected by every form of damage modifier.
  • Bypasses defensive benefits such as Guard, Parry and Weapon Blocking.

Auto-Blitz Beat

  • Can be triggered even if the attack misses or is blocked.
  • For every 3 points of LUK the chance of auto-cast is increased by 1%.
  • Does not have Cast Time, but does have Cast Delay. Cast Delay, however, does not prevent blitzes from being triggered.
  • The number of times this skill will hit its target via auto-cast depends on the level of this skill and the user's Job Level. Job Levels 1-9 allow it to hit up to one time, while Job Levels 40 or higher allow the maximum of 5 hits if this skill is mastered.