Arrow Shower

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Arrow Shower.png Arrow Shower
Arrow Shower Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 10, fixed
SP Cost: 15
Cast Time: 0.5s Variable
Cast Delay: 0.1 seconds
Animation: 1 second
Cooldown: ?
Target: Ground
Range: (10 + Vulture's Eye Level) cells
Knock Back: 2 cells
Area of Effect: 3x3 ~ 5x5
Ammunition: 1 Arrow
Weapon: Bow
(Archer) Double Strafe Lv. 5

Arrow Shower (Alt: Arrow Shower) is a 1st class offensive skill available as an Archer.


Shoots an arrow that spreads over a targeted location to inflict ranged physical damage to all enemies and push them 2 cells backward within the area of effect. Each cast uses one arrow, of which property depends on the property of this skill.

Level Damage (ATK) Area of Effect
1 160% 3x3
2 170%
3 180%
4 190%
5 200%
6 210% 5x5
7 220%
8 230%
9 240%
10 250%


Level 1~5 
Level 6~10
  • The Knock Back of this skill depends on where the enemies are relative to where the skill is used as shown above. If any monster is in the same cell as the targeted location, it will be knocked back westward.
  • This skill can hit cloaked entities.
  • Animation Delay cannot be bypassed by movement or being hit.
  • Traps can be moved around using this skill, much like how monsters/players are affected by usual knock back skills. Using this method, it is possible to push traps beneath monsters, which is not directly possible.


The below changelogs contain changes to this skill.