Welcome to Hugel

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Welcome to Hugel
Base Level: Level 80
Item(s): 25273.png 10 Hugel Token

  1. Talk to the Town Guide at hugel9266, she will direct you to the town hall.
    Hugel npc town guide.png
  2. Talk to Guide Paxton inside hugel56208, she'll ask you to visit 4 locations in Hugel, they can be done in any order.
    Hugel npc guide paxton.png
  3. Approach the Town Square Marker at hugel97143.
  4. Approach the Party Supplies Shop Marker at hugel9895
  5. Approach the Catherdral Marker at hugel184113
  6. Approach the Inn and Pub Marker at hugel12477
  7. Return to Guide Paxton inside the Town Hall after visiting all 4 sites as she requested.
  8. She will give you 25273.png 5 Hugel Token as a reward for helping her, then she will direct you to Chao.
  9. Talk to the Hugel Exchange NPC Chao at que_bingo6526, and she gives you 25273.png 5 Hugel Token. You will be directed to Gift Manager Seo.
    Hugel npc chao.png
  10. Talk to Hugel Gift Manager Seo at que_bingo5930 to finish the Quest.
    Hugel npc seo.png