Towards the Taste for Perfection

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Towards the Taste for Perfection
Base Level: Level 80
Item(s) (Consumed): 512.png 5 Apples and 1201.png 1 Knife (first time)

511.png 10 Green Herbs

Quest Prerequisite(s): Hugel's Pride Completed
Base Experience: 11 765
Item(s): 25273.png 10 Hugel Tokens
  1. Enter the Tool Shop and talk to Martha hu_in01218384, she will ask you to visit her cooks to get their opinions on ingredients. After the first time you may simply talk directly with Cellette at her house every time you repeat the quest.
  2. Visit Cellette at her house hugel81229. She will ask you to get Maewan's (first time) or Erjan's opinion regarding her skewer dish.
  3. Find Maewan at hugel87139 and he will ask you to get him 512.png 5 Apples and a 1201.png Knife so he can finish appraising the skewer dish.
    Find Erjan at hugel102161 and he will ask you to get him 511.png 10 Green Herbs so he can make a soup that goes with the skewer dish.
  4. Return to Cellette to complete the quest. You will be rewarded with 11 765 base experience and 25273.png 10 Hugel Tokens.