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The purpose of this template is to link an item, complete with icon.

Note: The correct capitalization is Item List. Do not forget the second capitalized letter!


{{Item List |id=<id> |item=<name>}}
{{Item List |id=<id> |item=<name> |num=<num>}}
{{Item List |id=<id> |item=<name> |slots=<slots>}}
Example Output
{{Item List |id=2285 |item=Apple of Archer}}
2285.png Apple of Archer
{{Item List |id=914 |item=Fluff |num=3}}
914.png 3 Fluff
{{Item List |id=2229 |item=Helm |slots=1}}
2229.png Helm [1]
{{Item List |id=1550 |item=Book |slots=3 |num=2}}
1550.png 2 Book [3]
* {{Item List |id=5164 |item=Tiara |slots=1 |simple=yes}} with an Elder Willow Card (INT +3)
  • 5164.png Tiara [1] with an Elder Willow Card (INT +3)


id The ID of the item as seen in the itemdesctables.
item The name of the item to be used and displayed.
num The number of the item
slots The number of slots in the item

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