Secret of the Eagle Owl Manor

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Secret of the Eagle Owl Manor
Base Level: Level 80
Item(s) (Consumed): 1019.png 15 Trunk
Item(s): 23612.png 6 Baldur's Blessing, 25273.png 10 Hugel Token

  1. Talk to Chatty Guy at hugel102131, he will direct you to the Eagle Owl Manor.
    Hugel npc chatty guy.png
  2. Enter the Manor hugel153151 and talk to Messidor hu_in01289249, he will ask you to get 3 people: Jake, Sookie and Harring who will be at different locations, there is no specific order in persuading one of the 3 mentioned so you can do it in any order.
    Hugel npc messidor.png
  3. As you go outside the Manor, you will see some children eavesdropping, you will interrupt them and they leave.
  4. You can find Jake at the Town Square hugel78139, he leaves after talking to him.
    Hugel npc jake.png
    You can find Sookie inside the Inn at hu_in01255117, she will refuse to return to the manor as well.
    Hugel npc sookie.png
    Talk to Kit inside hugel12866 at hu_in01368109 to overhear a conversation that involves Harring.
    Hugel npc kit.png
  5. Return to Messidor at the Eagle Owl Manor hu_in01289249 after failing to persuade all the 3 people he mentioned. He will explain the events that happened around the Manor. You will be asked to go to the Church to find a priest.
  6. Go inside the Cathedral hugel156113 and talk to the Head Priest hu_in01115232 he will ask for Sister Rosa to accompany you back to the Eagle Owl Manor.
    Hugel npc head priest.png
  7. Return to Messidor at the Eagle Owl Manor with Sister Rosa and she will assess the Manor's situation for the possible exorcism. Meanwhile you will return to the 3 people mentioned earlier to talk about their stories while working inside the Manor.
  8. Talk to Jake at the Town Square again hugel78139 and he'll talk about his experiences in the manor.
    Talk to Sookie inside the Inn at hu_in01255117 and she'll talk about her experiences in the manor.
    Talk to Kit inside the building at hu_in01368109 and he'll talk about what he heard from Harring while he was working in the manor.
  9. Return to Rosa in the Eagle Owl Manor's 2nd floor hu_in01355253, you will check all the glittery spots in the 2nd floor of the house, you will be conversing with Rosa along the way as you check everything.
    Hugel npc sister rosa.png
  10. You will find drag marks of a ladder and you will trace it outside the Manor, then talk to the kid at hugel168164 who is under a tree close to a ladder at the back of the Manor. You will strike a conversation with the children along with Rosa.
    Hugel npc kid.png
  11. After you interrupt the kid again return to Messidor and you will piece together the events that transpired. Return to the kid who will appear under the tree again at the back of the manor.
  12. You will all talk to the children outside of the Manor, Messidor will thank you for your efforts and will give you 23612.png 6 Baldur's Blessing for your efforts.
  13. Return to the Manor and talk again to Messidor as he will ask you for another favor. Bring him 1019.png 15 Trunk, and he will reward you with 25273.png 10 Hugel Token.
  14. You can now do the daily portion of this quest the next day Mansion Repairs.