Odin Temple Excavation Team

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Odin Temple Excavation Team
Base Level: Level 90
Item(s) (Consumed): 7511.png 5 Runes of Darkness
Item(s): 603.png 1 Old Blue Box, 12209.png 1 Life Insurance
  1. Interact with the sign hugel91150 near the fountain in the middle of Hugel.
  2. After indicating interest in signing up as a volunteer head to Odin's Temple Excavation Team HQ hugel5291.
  3. Once inside head to the bottom right portal and speak with Laurahu_in011411.
  4. Head to the Boatman to enter Odin's Temple. There will be an 800 zeny fee to enter the temple. You are simply required to visit the map and return.
  5. Return to the Odin Temple Excavation Team HQ and speak with Laura and collect 7511.png 5 Runes of Darkness.
  6. Return to Laura and you will be rewarded with 603.png 1 Old Blue Box
  7. Speak to Laura to receive the next mission. The player will need to eavesdrop on the room opposite where Laura is found.
  8. Return to Laura and report about the conversation you've just eavesdropped on.
  9. Go to the third map of Odin's Temple and investigate the marked areas on your mini-map.
  10. The player will be transported to the Odin Temple Underground and will have to explore the map. Keep exploring until you arrive at a ruin. You will eventually find a shiny item to pick up. *Keep moving around and prompts will pop-up to explore the area.
  11. Once you've picked up the item the screen will black out and you will be transported to the same map with the ruins now disappearing.
  12. Keep walking straight until a prompt shows up. You will then be transported back to Odin's Temple.
  13. Return to Odin's Temple Excavation HQ to report your findings to Laura. Interact with either Laura or Alex and a small argument will ensue.
  14. Speak with Ashe and she will request that the large file from the earlier argument be brought to the South Guard at Morocc.
  15. Head to one map south of Morocc where another quest prompt can be found near the gate. An unseen figure will take the file away and grants you one question to ask before they leave.
  16. Once you've received an answer they will leave and provide you with 12209.png 1 Life Insurance.