It's a Pickpocket!!!

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It's a Pickpocket !
Base Level: Level 90
Item(s): 23608.png 1 Eir's Blessing,
Quest Reward(s): Access to Dangerous Goods Removal
  1. Speak with the Pilgrimhugel12789 to commence the quest. They have been pickpocketed and asks the player to accompany them to the cathedralhugel156114
  2. Enter the cathedral and turn left. Enter the first portal and speak with the Head Priest hu_in0112789.
  3. After a short conversation head outside and speak with Peerohu_in0112789. The player will be directed to move to the town square but will need to go back to where the quest started at hugel12789.
  4. Speak with the Pilgrim and follow them to the tool shop later. The pickpocket will show up directing you to return to the cathedral.
  5. In the cathedral return to the Head Priest. The pickpocket Shady will inform the Head Priest that the two pilgrims may not be who they say they are. Continue speaking to the Head Priest and the player will be directed to the Weapon Shop.
  6. Head to the Weapon Shop hugel71156 second floor and speak with Matthewhu_in0194322.
  7. Matthew will confirm that the schematics pickpocketed by Shady looks suspicious and to go visit Cloydhu_in01168376 at the top floor of the Tool Shophugel92166.
  8. Go to the second floor of the Inn where the two pilgrims stayed to find more clues about the weapon schematics. Head to the northeast side of to find the room where the pilgrims stayed. Once you've investigated the room the player will be directed back to the cathedral.
  9. At the cathedral speak again the Head Priest. There will be a commotion at Odin's Temple and the player will have to investigate. Speak to the Boatmanhugel209109. Passage to the temple will cost 800z.
  10. *It's recommended to bring a party with you at Odin's Temple as it is full of high-leveled monsters.
    Go to the marker on you mini-map odin_tem0192166 and speak with the Head Priest. After a confrontation with the pilgrims the player will be tasked to hunt 1 Blue, Purple and Green Plasma. Return to the cathedral after completing the task.
  11. Speak to the Head Priest one last time to finally get a clear picture of what the pilgrims were after. The player will be rewarded with 23608.png 1 Eir's Blessing.
    *The daily quest Dangerous Goods Removal will now be available.