Abyss Lake Regional Quest Starter

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Abyss Lake Regional Quest Starter
Base Level: Level 90
Quest Corequisite(s): Abyss Lake Entrance Quest
Quest Reward(s): Abyss Lake Regional Quests
  1. Speak withNahadan hugel69121 in the Hugel town center.
  2. The player will be instructed to hunt 30 Red Ferus. Once complete meet Nahadan at hu_fild0518536.
  3. After speaking with Nahadan the player will be instructed to meet them back at Hugel to get treatment for the injured traveler they found. Speak to Nahadan where you first met them to find out what happened to the injured traveler.
  4. Speak to Nahadan once more to start the Abyss Lake Regional Quests.