Please find my Mom

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Please find my Mom
Base Level: Level 80
Item(s) (Consumed): 529.png 1 Candy, 1003.png 1 Coal and 998.png 10 Iron
Item(s): 23611.png 1 Spring water of Mimir

  1. Talk to Toby at hugel100104. The player will need to give him a 529.png Candy and he will ask you to find his mom.
  2. You will be directed to find Toby's other relatives at the Party Supplies shop hugel92104 just in front of where Toby is. Go to the second floor and speak to his aunt.
  3. After a short family discussion you will discover that Toby's mom isn't missing but is actually conducting an experiment outside town. Go one map south of Hugel (hu_fild06) and the location of Toby's mom will be marked on your mini-map.
  4. Speak to Toby's mom Nat hu_fild0626091. Another man named Plum will arrive and will have a short conversation with Nat before acknowledging your presence.
  5. The pair will send you back to the Party Supplies Shop after realising Toby is missing his mother. Speak to Toby's Aunt once again. One of the Aunts will send you to Juno to meet Sancha to pick up some goods.
  6. Speak to Sancha yuno121145 at Juno. The player will need to provide him with 1003.png 1 Coal and 998.png 10 Iron.
  7. Once you have finished collecting the items go inside the Forge yuno118136 and meet Sancha yuno_in0117528 at the basement. Sancha will then send back the wares to Hugel.
  8. Return to the second floor of the Party Supplies Store in Hugel and speak with Toby's Aunt again. Toby will be reunited with his mother and the player will be invited to watch some fireworks outside of Hugel where you first met Nat.
  9. Speak with Nat hu_fild0626091 outside of Hugel. A short fireworks display will follow along with a conversation regarding their research and family. The player will be rewarded with 23611.png 1 Spring water of Mimir.