Food Delivery

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Food Delivery
Base Level: Level 80
Item(s) (Consumed): 1001.png 3 Star Dusts
Item(s): 23604.png 1 High Quality Meal
Quest Reward(s): Access to Hugel Wedding Daily Quest
  1. Speak with Karinahugel169112 to commence the quest. She will ask you to deliver food to her father at their home outside of Hugel.
  2. You will find Karina's father, Albert, at hu_fild02146259. Speak with Albert to deliver the food. He will then explain his relationship with his daughter.
  3. Return to Karina to confirm the delivery was made. After a brief conversation, Karina will head back to their home after learning about her father's condition when you made the delivery.
  4. Follow Karina back to their home. A short argument between the father and daughter will follow, Karina will then head back to Hugel after revealing to her father about her impending marriage.
  5. Return to Hugel and speak with Karina. After another argument Albert will ask you to bring him 1001.png 3 Star Dusts at his home to make a jewel for Karina's wedding ring.
  6. Return to Albert's home and give him the 1001.png Star Dusts to attempt making a jewel. His attempt will fail and will ask you to go to Procyon, a blacksmith at Geffen who would be able to refine the 1001.png Star Dusts into a jewel.
  7. Go to Geffen and find Procyon at geffen17253. After refining the 1001.png Star Dusts return to Albert to report of your progress.
  8. After reporting to Albert you will be asked to return to Hugel for Karina's wedding.
  9. Speak with Karina one last time to finish the quest. You will be rewarded with 23604.png 1 High Quality Meal.
    You will also now have access to the Hugel Wedding Daily Quest