Flavors of Hugel

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Flavors of Hugel
Base Level: Level 80
Item(s) (Consumed): 960.png 5 Nippers, 568.png 1 Lemon and 514.png 3 Grapes, (577.png 3 Bags of Grain first time only)
Quest Prerequisite(s): Hugel's Pride Completed
Base Experience: 11 765
Item(s): 25273.png 10 Hugel Tokens
  1. Enter the Tool Shop and talk to Martha hu_in01218384, she will ask you to visit her cooks to get their opinions on ingredients. After the first time you may simply talk directly with Jett on the second floor of the Tool Shop every time you repeat the quest.
  2. Visit Jett at hu_in01246300. He will ask you to get 960.png 5 Nippers and to get other ingredients. Visit Corona to collect cheese and Silica to get some eggs the first time. After the first time, players will only need to visit Corona.
  3. Visit Corona at hugel61103 and he will give you some cheese.
    • You will need to provide him with 568.png 1 Lemon and 514.png 3 Grapes before he will give you some cheese the next time you repeat this quest.
  4. Visit Silica at hu_fild06209217. She will ask the player to bring her 577.png 3 Bags of Grain before she gives you some eggs. (first time only)
    577.png Bags of Grain can be purchased from the Chef Assistant at hugel70142.
  5. Return to Jett to complete the quest. You will be rewarded with 11 765 base experience and 25273.png 10 Hugel Tokens.