Exploring New Ingredients

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Exploring New Ingredients
Base Level: Level 80
Item(s) (Consumed): 712.png 5 Flowers (first time)
Quest Prerequisite(s): Hugel's Pride Completed
Base Experience: 11 765
Item(s): 25273.png 10 Hugel Tokens
  1. Enter the Tool Shop and talk to Martha hu_in01218384, she will ask you to visit her cooks to get their opinions on ingredients. After the first time you may simply talk directly with Shide everytime you repeat the quest.
  2. Visit Shide at hugel8397. She will ask you to collect items from the map south of Hugel (hu_fild06);
    • For the first time, players will need to collect 5 Moko Mushrooms. Locations are marked on the mini-map but requires 712.png 5 Flowers to harvest. Flowers can be obtained from Yellow Plants around the map.
    • Every future attempts will require players to collect 3 Mox Eggs. Mox Eggs locations will be marked on the mini-map and may simply be interacted without any catalyst items.
  3. Return to Shide to complete the quest. You will be rewarded with 11 765 base experience and 25273.png 10 Hugel Tokens.