Compass Game

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Compass Game
Base Level: Level 60
Quest Prerequisite(s): Play with Baby Cats past step 5
Item(s): 23525.png 3 Sea God Crystal

1. Talk to [Meow Team] Roku malangdo215201 and buy 6428.png 1 Adventure Card A for 500 zeny.

  • Tell him you Challenge the race.

2. Talk to the Compass malangdo212204 and insert 6428.png 1 Adventure Card A to begin the race.

  • Note
    • There are five colors of compass. You will be told the order that you have to go to them in (the quest marker will actually tell you where to go first).
    • Run as fast as you can to each compass in turn, solve the basic math problem, and then go on to the next for 3mins time.
    • After the last one, talk to the Meowbell in the middle of the ship.
Compass Location
Yellow / Gold
White / Cloud
Green / Forest
Blue / Sky
Red / Flame

3. After the last one, talk to the Meowbell malangdo177162 in the middle of the ship.

  • Note: If you got a passing mark and on time, talk to [Meow Team] Roku, otherwise, you may try again.

4. Return to [Meow Team] Roku you will receive 23525.png 3 Sea God Crystal.