Soup Quest

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Soup Quest
Base Level: 70
Item(s) (Consumed): 7265.png 20 Dragon Horn
Quest Prerequisite(s): Shout Mountain Quest
Base Experience: 340,806

Note: You can talk to the Representative next to the town Kafra and have him mark your mini-map with the locations of the Hospital and Dragon Castle.

  1. Talk to Jiu Chi in the Louyang town square louyang174150.
  2. She is worried that something might have happened with the famous Dragon Soup broth, so she asks you to check at the Louyang bar lou_in0262183.
  3. In the bar, Chef Wang Shi Long will ask you to hunt 10 Zhu Po Long and gather 20 Dragon Horn.
  4. Once you have completed that task, go back to Wang Shi Long lou_in0262183 to get your rewards.