Shout Mountain Quest

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Shout Mountain Quest
Base Level: 70
Base Experience: 153,200
Item(s): 12209.png 1 Life Insurance
Quest Reward(s): Use of the Shout Tower.
  1. Navigate to Jiu Lian Bulou_fld01195177 in Louyang.
  2. Jiu Lian Bu.png
  3. Accept Jiu quest to steal the Dragon Soup Broth from the towns bar on the east side of the city. Head to lou_in0255182
  4. Louyang Bar.png
  5. Once inside steal the pot located here, and return to Jiu Lian Bu. Hint: Stand behind the 2 employees, near the pot, to avoid getting caught.
  6. Jiu's Pot.png
  7. Liu will teleport you both on top of a hill. Note: Mi Gaos can hide, clear the hill top before continuing.
    • Liu will ask you to shout whatever is on your mind. You can type in anything and I used "BLAWH BLAWH".
    • You will receive 12209.png 1 Life Insurance and 153,200 Base Experience.
    • You can now also use the "Shout Tower" any time by visiting Liu again.