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These events are only a available for a limited amount of time, these events also have their own set of rewards for doing them. This page will list all the events that transpired in Project Zero.

Oktoberfest Event 2020


Every year by the end of September and until mid October a folk festival is held to celeberate; long time ago a king declared to have a nice festival for everyone to celeberate his marriage and enjoy tons of Weißbier.

In this event, help rescue the supplies of Weißbier so the festival doesn't get ruined for everyone and try your luck to get a lot of event-exclusive costumes and some real special and precious items.

Also help the Prontera monks defend their lands from the random Pasana attack and reward whole server with a special buff!

The event quest can be started by talking to Pub Manager Horst at `/navi prt_in 166/10` and you can make the special Oktoberfest Pretzels by talking to Elfriede at `/navi prontera 105/83`.

The special Oktoberfest Pretzels when eaten can give:

  • Common
    * 5x Strawberry
    * 5x Fresh Fish
    * 1x Awakening Potion
    * 1x Berserk Potion
  • Uncommon
    * 1x World Tour Ticket
    * 1x [Event] Rapid Potion
    * 1x [Event] Challenge Drink
    * 1x [Event] Unlimited Drink
    * 1x [Event] Power Drink
    * 1x [Event] Mimir Spring Water
    * 1x Costume Rain Cloud
    * 1x Costume Autumn Headband
    * 1x Costume Beer Cap
  • Rare
    * 1x Costume Brown Stole
    * 1x Costume Tone of Gold
  • Epic
    * 1x Costume Warm Cat Muffler
    * 1x Costume Large Ribbon Muffler
    * 1x Enriched Elunium
    * 1x Enriched Oridecon
    * 1x Blacksmith's Blessing Shard
  • Heroic
    * 1x Costume Poring Bag (Garment Costume)
    * Blacksmith's Blessing

Halloween Event 2020


he Halloween season is upon us for the first time in the world of Project Zero! Discover the tragic lives of Sohees and why they're wandering around so sad.

Finishing the mission for the first time on a character allows them to do the daily Halloween memorial dungeon. This dungeon can be only done once per Master Account per day. Finishing the dungeon gives you a chance to get one of the new exclusive Halloween costumes or Halloween Coins.

The Halloween MD Treasure Box can drop the following:

  • Common
   * 1 ~ 2x Halloween Coin
   * 1x Costume: Gothic Pumpkin Head
  • Uncommon
   * 1x Costume: Diabolic Lapel
   * 1x Costume: Stall of bat
   * 1x Costume: Fallen Angel Valletta
  • Rare
   * 1x Costume: Secret Zipper
   * 1x Costume: Halloween Hat
  • Epic
   * 1x Costume: Halloween Poring Bag

You will also always get one guaranteed Halloween Coin. What will those coins be used for? Not sucking your souls.

We figured out that the last event simply sucked the souls of many people, grinding it non-stop, leaving no energy for Halloween! So hopefully this new coin system will work better and guarantee people at last some costumes out of this event. As scary as the dungeon instance is, the boss fight is not too difficult. But the HP pool is quite large, so make sure to bring DPS!

The event can started at Ill Sohee (`/navi pay_dun03 144/143`), and your Halloween Coins can be exchanged at Sakray (`/navi niflheim 201/205`).

The event is expected to be available until late Novmber!

Chirstmas Event 2020

Valentine's Event 2021

Pride Month Event 2021

1st Year Anniversary Event 2021