Revolution Quest

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Revolution Quest
Base Level: 70
Item(s) (Consumed): 7004.png 1 Mud Lump
Base Experience: 7% of Lv.70
Item(s): 23606.png 2 Power Drink
12323.png 20 Novice Fly Wing

1. Talk to the hermit Sun Mao in Louyang lou_in027737.

2. Recruit Liu Xiao to join your revolution lou_fild01152146.

3. Go to the Louyang bar lou_in0275131 to recruit Consoc.

4. Recruit Hua Tien who is selling souvenirs in Louyang square louyang235135.

5. Convince Lang Lang louyang106214 to join your revolution.

6. Go to the Louyang Weapon Shop lou_in02109175 and recruit Mei.

7. Recruit your last comrade, Lang Ping at the Louyang wall louyang301285.

8. Go back to Sun Mao lou_in027737 to discuss next steps.

8. Bring exactly 1 Mud Lump to the Gunpowder Expert Hao Chenryu inside the castle lou_in0143147.

9. After making the gunpowder, go back to Sun Mao lou_in027737 to receive your reward.