Republic of Schwartzvald

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The Republic of Schwartzvald is an adjoining country to the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom. It seems more technologically advanced than Rune-Midgarts.


The Republic lies to the north of Rune-Midgard. The closest city to the Republic of Schwartzvald is Al De Baran. It consists of roughly 36 maps and is considerably smaller than Rune-Midgarts. The one other country in Ragnarok, the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom can be accessed via the International Airship in Juno.


Schwartzvald's climate is mostly monotonous, a kind of industrial desert.


The Head of State of Schwartzvald is the President, whose office lies in Juno. Though nominally a Republic, the nature of Schwartzvald's legislative branch is unknown. It is understood that Rekenber Corporation has great de facto influence in Schwartzvald politics and has many legislators and has had many past Presidents under its control. The current President was elected under the pledge to eliminate the corruption that plagues the government, but nothing has come of this promise yet.

Cities and Towns

  • Juno is the capital of the Republic of Schwartzvald. It is suspended in the air by the magical Ymir crystals which manifest as blue plumes of light throughout the city.


Juperos Ruins
Nogg Road