Random Daily Missions

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Random Daily Missions
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): Random
Hunting: Random
Item(s): 9100000.png Daily Coin

Daily missions are a new permanent custom feature for Ragnarok: Project Zero.

The daily missions can be done twice a day per master account. You will be given 9100000.png Daily Coin per Daily Mission you accomplish. The items/monsters the quest will ask you to obtain/kill will be random, the only difference is for players with a base level of 70 or higher, you will be given tougher challenges VS players below 70.

You can only get a maximum of 9100000.png 4 Daily Coin per day, that means you only need to do 2 of the daily missions to complete your daily allowance (Assuming you are above 70). You can only do each daily once per day per MA as well.

Lady prickly.png

The Daily Quests NPC, Lady Prickly can be found in the Eden Group at moc_para013536.

The current available missions:

  • Hunting Mission
  • Item Gathering Mission
  • World Boss Mission - Yggdrasil Corruption (counts as an Event Mission as well)

The 9100000.png Daily Coin can be exchanged at the Daily Coin Shop NPC moc_para014322

Daily Coin Shop.png


Item Daily Coins Required
23725.png 1 High Quality Meal 9100000.png 1 Daily Coin
23726.png 1 Challenge Drink 9100000.png 1 Daily Coin
23727.png 1 Infinity Drink 9100000.png 1 Daily Coin
9100011.png 1 Power Drink Box 9100000.png 1 Daily Coin
23729.png 1 Ayer's Blessing 9100000.png 1 Daily Coin
23732.png 1 Spring Water of Mimir 9100000.png 1 Daily Coin
9100010.png 1 Valdur's Blessing Box 9100000.png 1 Daily Coin
23812.png 1 Boarding Halter 7 Days Box 9100000.png 20 Daily Coin
12212.png 1 Giant Fly Wing 9100000.png 4 Daily Coin
1000226.png 1 Blacksmith's Blessing Shard 9100000.png 10 Daily Coin

Hunting Mission

  1. Talk to Lady Prickly in the Eden Group at moc_para013536
  2. She will ask you to kill 50 of a random monster (the monster difficulty increases past base level 70), The monsters included in the list will all spawn at a certain amount in the map (low spawn mobs are not included)
  3. Return to her after you have killed 50 of the monsters she asked for to receive 9100000.png 1 Daily Coin (you get 2 coins if you are 70 and above)

Gathering Mission

  1. Talk to Lady Prickly in the Eden Group at moc_para013536
  2. She will ask you to gather 30 of a random item (the item difficulty increases past base level 70), The items included in the list will all have a drop chance of 50-80% (items dropping below 50% are not included) and gears are also not included in the list.
  3. Return to her after you have gathered 30 of the items she asked for to receive 9100000.png 1 Daily Coin (you get 2 coins if you are 70 and above)

Here is a list of possible items you need to gather:

Level 1-69
904.png Scorpion Tail
939.png Bee Sting
705.png Clover
924.png Powder of Butterfly
906.png Pointed Scale
926.png Snake Scale
901.png Daenggie
936.png Scale Shell
930.png Rotten Bandage
907.png Resin
908.png Spawn
953.png Stone Heart
956.png Gill
916.png Feather of Birds
928.png Insect Feeler
945.png Raccoon Leaf
919.png Animal Skin
944.png Horseshoe
959.png Stinky Scale
951.png Fin
960.png Nipper
961.png Conch
962.png Tentacle
963.png Sharp Scale
955.png Worm Peeling
965.png Clam Shell
1026.png Acorn
1012.png Frill
1040.png Elder Pixie's Moustache
Level 70+
7121.png Honey Pot
7054.png Brigan
1096.png Round Shell
1097.png Worn Out Page
1098.png Manacles
7003.png Anolian Skin
7004.png Mud Lump
7007.png Claw of Rat
7009.png Glitter Shell
7002.png Ogre Tooth
1015.png Tongue
7013.png Coral Reef
1095.png Needle of Alarm
967.png Turtle Shell
7216.png Red Muffler
7264.png Dry Sand
7267.png Tiger Panty
6426.png Poor Can
1022.png Nine Tails
7126.png Large Jellopy
7071.png Tattered Clothes
1045.png Cultish Masque
7107.png Antelope Skin
1048.png Horrendous Hair
7116.png Harpy Talon
7101.png PecoPeco Feather

World Boss Mission: Yggdrasil Corruption

Main Page: Event Missions

This is part of the event missions which will only be available for a limited amount of time.

  1. Talk to the Oracle NPC at prontera160187 during the times stated to join the world boss event.
  2. You will fight the Boss alongside other adventurers during this time period, winning the fight will net you rewards.
  3. Return to the Oracle to obtain 9100000.png 2 Daily Coin and 9100001.png 5 Event Coin (Rewards for the event coins are found in Event Missions).
  4. You may join the fight more than once per day but the coin rewards will only be given once per MA account.
  • Note: This counts both as an event and a daily mission.