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Welcome to Project Zero: PvP

In Project Zero, you will find the following PvP experiences:

  1. War of Emperium
  2. PvP Arena
  3. ... more to come? :)

You can stay up to date with all the PvP happenings on the server by joining the #pvp channel. (@join #pvp)

PvP Arena

The PvP Arena is accessible in every major city via the PvP Manager NPC. The PvP Arena consists of 2 maps:

  1. Preparation Room - Allows participants to prepare before entering the PvP Arena + access to PvP related NPCs
  2. PvP Arena (guild_vs3) - participants engage in a free-for-all battle (unless you are in the same party)

You can use the following commands to check PvP related stats:

  • @pvpstats - See your character's PvP stats (kills, deaths, best streak...)
  • @pvparena - Check the number of people in the PvP Arena

PvP Store & Rules can differ from season to season. Season 0 will be our test PvP season which will help identify balance issues and determine prizes!

Season 0 Rule Set

  • No duplicate clients may enter the Preparation Room & PvP Arena at the same time. This is to prevent multi-client advantages
  • Players will be warped to the Preparation Room
  • Players will be dispelled upon entering the Preparation Room
  • Party size cannot be larger than 6
  • Party modifications need to happen outside the PvP maps
  • GvG damage rules apply
  • Upon entry, a broadcast will be made to the #pvp channel to notify the server of PvP activity
  • Players can go to the PvP Arena by entering the portal in the Preparation Room
  • Upon entry, Players will be warped to a random location in the PvP Arena
  • Kills in the PvP Arena will award PvP Tokens (see PvP Tokens below) (to killer and random chance to party members)
  • Majority of outside healing consumables have been disabled to encourage party play
  • Playing in a party gives bonuses (see party bonus below)
  • Playing certain classes give bonuses (see class bonus below)

Party Bonus

Parties have a chance to award party members with tokens upon killing an opponent.

If one or multiple of the following criteria are met, bonus tokens are awarded to the party members:

  1. Unique Master Account Party
  2. Unique Classes in Party
  3. Larger party-size
  4. **Classes listed in the "Class Bonus" section have higher chance to get tokens as well as quantity in tokens

Class Bonus

The following classes will receive a bonus when killing (+2 tokens) opponents:

  • Alchemist
  • Bard/Dancer
  • Blacksmith
  • Priest

PvP Tokens

PvP Token is a currency gained by participating in the PvP Arena. They can be used in the PvP Token Shop in the Preparation Room.

PvP Tokens will be removed every new PvP Season!

PvP Potions

PvP Potions will be made available for use in the PvP Arena:

  • White & Blue PvP Potion
  • Heals 10%
  • 0.3s cooldown

These PvP Manager NPC hands out a fixed number of White/Blue PvP Potions every 1 hour.

PvP Store

PvP Store will sell PvP consumables:

  • PvP Potion Kit (2 tokens - 60 whites/20 blues)

Timed Events

Every hour, there's a chance to trigger a 60 minute event period where every kill will award extra PvP Tokens! :)